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kanzen_saimin's Journal

5 June
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Well, what's to tell. I like to think I'm a pretty normal guy. It takes a while for me to open up to people but when I do...most find that I can be a pretty cool guy. Calm, cool and collected usually comes to mind, but when something get me fired up...watch out XD I try to be as respectful and open-minded as I can to other people but if you're doing something I don't like, I'm gonna let you know about it. I like doing lot's of stuff(go look at my interests if ya want :P) and I also love hanging out with my friends. I don't have a bajillion of them, but the ones I do have are...the best :3 One thing I love to do to just talk and chat about things so if we have a common interest(either from the list or something else), I'll be more than willing to make conversation about it. After all, the only way you can really come to know someone is by talking with them...am I right?